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Walk & Run for Stuttering Awareness (NLSA) to raise money for The Newfoundland and Labrador Stuttering Association will take place  Sunday October 3, 2021 Pearlgate Track & Field Club 120 Old Placentia Rd, Mount Pearl, NL A1N 2X1.

How to Register

  1. By registering and to help raise funds please use this pledge form.

Other useful Information

  1. Download the event brochure.
  2. Read about Walk and Run’s early roots
  3. View the Toronto’s ‘a million things I need to Say’ 1K & 5K Walk and Run for Stuttering Awareness and Fundraiser in support of The Speech and Stuttering Institute for past years events here.

Oct 5 - Wed
St. John's, Canada
8°C clear sky

Did you know…

  • A speech therapy program can make a significant difference in the quality of life in a person that stutters.
  • Significant funds are required to provide speech therapy services to those afflicted with stuttering, who often find themselves on long wait lists. With additional funds, their needs will be met sooner.

Facts about Stuttering

  • The ability to produce speech that is smooth, forward moving and effortless is taken for granted by most individuals – except those who stutter.
  • A person who stutters repeats words and parts of words, prolongs sounds, has difficulty producing sounds and generally struggles to speak, often demonstrating such physical signs of struggle such as eye blinks for head jerks
  • Due to the frustration and embarrassment caused by this problem, stuttering is usually accompanied by anxiety about speaking
  • Stuttering can impact self-confidence and self-esteem and can seriously limit educational, social and career options.
  • About 350,000 Canadians are challenged by stuttering
  • The funds raised will help NLASLPA make internal arrangements for children, adolescents and adults who stutter, to access funds for stuttering treatment from private practice Speech-Language Pathologists.

Thank you for your support! Together we can transform the lives of preschoolers, school aged children, teens and adults who seek our services for their often devastating problems with communication.